With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations declining, on November 1, 2021 the County of Alameda will ease masking requirements in certain indoor settings where everyone is fully vaccinated. Eligible settings are in controlled spaces not open to the general public, including offices, gyms and fitness centers, employee commuter vehicles, and organized gatherings in other indoor settings where a group gathers on a regular basis, like religious gatherings.

Under the Health Officer Order, participating businesses, organizations, or hosts must verify that all patrons, employees, and attendees are fully vaccinated before allowing people to participate without face coverings inside their facilities. There can be no more than 100 persons present at these facilities. Those present must also not have COVID-19 symptoms.

An employer or host may only accept the following as proof of vaccination:

  • A Vaccination Card issued by the CDC or a foreign governmental jurisdiction which includes the
    name of the person vaccinated, the type of vaccine provided, and the date(s) the dose or doses
    were administered; OR
  • A photo or copy of a Vaccination Card either as a hardcopy or stored on a phone or electronic
    device; OR
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider; OR
  • A personal digital COVID-19 vaccine record issued by the State of California and available by going to
    https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/ or similar documentation issued by another state, local, or
    foreign governmental jurisdiction

Everyone’s identity must be confirmed using government-issued photographic identification, such as a
driver’s license or passport.

Except as specified in the new order, indoor-masking requirements remain in effect in public settings, such
as bars, restaurants, and retail stores until criteria for lifting the local indoor masking requirements are met.
Masking continues to be required in indoor K-12 school settings. The State continues to require face
coverings for all unvaccinated persons in indoor public spaces and everyone, regardless of vaccination
status, in health care facilities, public transit and adult and senior care facilities. Employers should consult
the Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards for requirements for work-related activities.